Bullet Journaling!

So, like many bloggers I’ve seen, I have started my own bullet journal! Lots of people use complicated and fancy layouts to make theirs, but I kept mine as simple as possible. In order to start, all you really need is a notebook, a pen, and maybe a ruler. Then, once you have the basics you can decorate it as much as you’d like and go crazy!

If you’d like to see the video for the original layout of the bullet journal, then click here. I personally think it is kinda boring and tedious to follow it just like this, and apparently so did others. People have gone above and beyond when customizing their bullet journal. I’ll have you know that you also do not need to get the actual bullet journal when doing this. Any notebook or journal with lots of space is perfectly fine.

This is the journal I am using for my bullet journal:


I purchased it from the gift shop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The link to that museum’s homepage is here.

But, before we go further, I will briefly explain what a bullet journal is for those who do not know. It is a system for organizing things. It is a cross between a to-do list, a diary, and a planner, which makes it special. You can make it however you’d like, no two are the same, every single one is personalized for the person in charge of it. To start one, you just need to know your purpose, what needs to be organized in your life? What is important to you? Once you can answer those questions, you can begin. It is a practical system that helps with time-management and other typical struggles one might have when planning and arranging their everyday life.

In terms of picking a journal, I already went through that, it honestly doesn’t matter as long as it’s a decent size. The official bullet journal website, which is here, stated, “The two main things to keep in mind are size and quality. If it’s too big you’ll never take it with you. If it’s too small it will be impractical. Be sure to get something that’s rugged enough to keep up with you.”

Now I will give you a peek into my bullet journal to show you how I prefer to keep my stuff organized!

First up I have my Index. This is mandatory for all bullet journals because it makes it easier for you to access certain pages that are important. It also keeps all of your collections in an organized fashion.


Next up I have my Future Log. For your future log, you simply make a checklist, like mine, and list events that are coming up in the future. Since I started mine later in the year, then I could list events happening through the rest of the year. Mine is incomplete at the moment since there are only two events listed.


After that are my Monthly Log pages. To make this, I simply split my pages into two sections then labeled each section with a month. Shown here are months October through December. Since December wound up being the top half of the page, I just labeled the bottom section “Additional Notes for Next Year” and this is where I’ll add anything that needs to be done in 2017.

A Thinker at work.png

Then, I decided to include a list of Books to Read. I made it like a checklist so that I could just check off the books I read from that list. Reading is something that is important to me, so the reading list collection was a necessity in my bullet journal.


As a bonus for myself, I decided to add a flap with inspirational quotes. To do this, I simply folded a page in half and taped it shut, then on both sides of the flap I added positive quotes, which you can see for yourself below.

Inspirational quotes flap.png

And finally, for today I decided to create a Daily Plan. I simply thought of a bunch of things I wanted to accomplish today and wrote them out like so:

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 12.56.59 PM.png

So that’s just the basics of Bullet Journalling! I have provided some resources below for other ideas and tricks for creating your very own bullet journal! Have fun with it and let me know about your experiences with your own bullet journal!

The Featured Image of today’s post is advertising a bullet journal stencil, which can be found here.

One of my personal favorite websites for bullet journal advice and inspiration is bohoberry.com. The link here is one of their featured posts about bullet journal hacks.

Another great guide for bullet journals is from iheartplanners.com. I think this one is great and it helped me break down the different components of a bullet journal. The post I used from this blog is here.

And finally, my favorite How to Bullet Journal post, from thelazygeniuscollective.com, gives a simple explanation for how to start a bullet journal. I loved this one due to its simplicity and it made the process feel less intimidating. The link is here.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post and got a better idea of how to bullet journal! I will keep you posted about my personal progress with my own bullet journal. I personally think it is amazing and anyone should try it! All types of people could use this amazing organization system.


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